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Packages for Every Budget

Wedding planning packages that offer value-​for-​money don’t have to be boring.

Melbourne Wedding Planner can organise weddings for you in remarkable locations throughout Australia and around the world.

Our packages are designed to offer advice and service levels for all budgets. You also have the flexibility of combining elements from different packages to suit your style.

Experience one the greatest adventures of your life without the dread of it turning into a disaster.

With over 20 years of wedding planning expertise, and a network of proven best value suppliers in Australia and overseas, we remove the risk, soothe your stress and help you make this a day you can truly enjoy.

Of course, if you are more inclined to the fabulous be sure to check out our fully customised wedding planning www​.sov​er​eign​wed​dings​.com​.au service, where we can take care of every last detail.

Same Sex Marriage SpecialistsLet us help you make your special day unforgettable.

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We provide expert consultive advice and unforgettable
weddings that will excite you and your guests.